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Research and Practice Conferences

Any researcher actively involved in, respectively, scientific or research-and-practice activities is always ready and willing to keep up with the latest news in science and technology. Сonferences of various kinds provide ample opportunities to spread international information about scientific investigations of a scientist in international educational and academic community, and create the necessary prerequisites (предпосылки, предварит условия) for active communication of researchers, organizing scientific collaboration of like-minded persons, or constructive criticism and opposing, which are beneficial for the development of science. A literary form of publication of scientific reports and information about the authors in special collections issued on the basis of each scientific conference.

Research-and-practice conferences are always distinguished by democratic character due to the fact that the conditions of participation in these events are equal for both well-known scientists and students, educators and practitioners. That’s why graduate and postgraduate students are encouraged to present the results of their research at international sessions. Presentation and discussion of scientific reports in scientifically civilized countries is an integral and natural part of any scientific conference, which, without professional discussion, would have been devoided of a truly progressive scientific interest and analytical dynamics, and would be reduced to mere formal statement of a certain set of reports.

At present the information communication system implies both interactive and actual forms of publication of reports or their abstracts on both home and foreign research sites and in analytical collections of articles.The prospects of such participationarise from the fact that they are actually considered as preliminary stages of implementing a large-scale international projects, in which the best research analysts could potentially obtain a prestigious international recognition of their scientific achievements in technology and science, a world fame and commercial contracts in the leading educational institutions and commercial companies of the world, as well as status of scientific experts potentially involved in global scale projects. One of the important benefits of attending science conferences lies in contributing and learning about the most recent advances in your field, sharing your work with your peers, as well as getting their feedback to enlighten your research path.


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