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Article 103. Shift work

Shift work - work in two, three or four shifts - is introduced when the duration of the production process exceeds the admissible duration of daily work, as well as with the purpose of more effective use, increase in the volume of output and rendered services.

Working in shifts each group of employees is to do work within the established working hours in accordance with the shift operation schedule.

While compiling the shift operation schedule, the employer is to take into consideration the opinion of the employees' representative body. Shift operating schedules are, as a rule, supplements to the collective agreement.

Shift operation schedules are to be brought to the notice of employees not later than one month before their carrying into effect.

Working two shifts running is banned.

Article 104. Added up calculation of working hours

In organizations or in fulfilling separate kinds of work, where according to the conditions of production (work) it is impossible to keep to the daily or weekly duration of working hours established for the given category of employees, it is admitted to introduce added up calculation of working hours so that the duration of working hours for the record-keeping period (a month, a quarter and others) would not exceed the standard working hours. The record-keeping period cannot be longer than one year.

The procedure of added up calculation of working hours is established by the internal labour regulations of the organization.

Article 105. Dividing the working day into parts

In certain types of work where it is necessary due to the special nature of labour as well as in executing work of different intensity during the working day (shift), the working day can be divided into parts, so that the total duration of working hours would not exceed the established duration of the daily work. Such division is fulfilled by the employer on the basis of the local standard act, adopted with taking into account the opinion of the elected trade union body of the given organization.



Article 106. Time of rest concept

Time of rest is the time, when the employee is free from his or her labour duties and which can be used at the employee's discretion.

Article 107. Types of time of rest

Types of time of rest include:

breaks during the working day (shift);

daily (between shifts) rest;

days off (weekly continuous rest);

non-working holidays;



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