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Article 21. Main rights and duties of the employee

The employee shall be entitled to:

conclude, amend and terminate the labor contract in the manner and under the terms and conditions set by this Code, other federal laws;

be provided with the job specified in the labor contract;

a workplace meeting the conditions set by state labor organization and occupational safety standards and by the collective contract;

timely and complete payment of wages in accordance with his/her qualification, the job complexity, the quantity and quality of the work performed;

rest and leisure ensured by setting the normal working time duration, by shorter working time for certain jobs and categories of employees, by providing weekly days-off, nonworking holidays, paid annual leaves;

complete true information concerning the working conditions and occupational safety requirements in the workplace;

professional training, re-training and skill improvement in the manner set by this Code, other federal laws;

association, including the right to organize labor unions and join them in order to protect his/her labor rights, freedoms and legitimate interests;

participation in managing the organization in the forms stipulated by this Code, other federal laws and the collective contract;

engage in collective bargaining and conclude collective contracts and agreements through his/her representatives as well as to be informed on implementation of the collective contract, agreements;

protection of his/her rights, freedoms and legitimate interests in any ways not proscribed by laws;

settlement of individual and collective labor disputes, including the right to strike in the manner set by this Code, other federal laws;

redress of the damage inflicted on the employee in connection with his/her performance of the work duties and compensation of the moral damage in the manner set by this Code, other federal laws;

mandatory social insurance in the cases stipulated by federal laws.

The employee shall:

perform his/her work duties vested by the labor contract in good faith;

comply with the internal working regulations of the organization;

maintain the work discipline;

fulfill the set work norms;

meet occupational safety requirements;

take due care of the employer's and other employees' property;

immediately inform the employer or his/her direct superior about emerging situations hazardous to human life and health, to the employer's property.


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