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Government of the USA.


The USA is a presidential republic. The legislative branchof the US Government, or the Congress, representsall of the American states. In consist of two parts: the House of Representativesand the Senate. Each state has two senators, who are elected every 6 years. A senator must be at least 30 years old, a citizen of the United States for 9 years, and live in the state he or she will represent. A representative must be at least 25 years old, a citizen for 7 years, and live in the state.

The job of the Congress is to make laws. The President can veto a bill. The Congress can pass the law anyway if it gets a two-thirds majority vote. The Congress can also declare war. The House of Representatives can also impeach the President.

This means that the House can chargethe President with a crime. In this case, the Senate will put the President on trial. The Senate votesto approve the justices that the President appoints to the Supreme Court.

The executive branch of the government puts the country’s laws into effect. The President of the United States is a member of the executive branch. The President must be at least 35 years old, be a natural citizen of the USA. In addition, he must have lived in the US for at least 14 years, and be a civilian. The President is elected every four years and cannot serve more that two terms. The Vice-President of the USA is president of the Senate. When the President receives a bill from the Congress, he must sign it, and then the bill becomes a law. However, if he disagrees with the law, he can veto it. The President can also ask the Congress to declare war. He also appoints the justices to the Supreme Court. He must do his job according to the Constitution, or he may be impeached.

The judicial branch of the government is the system of courts in the United States. Its job is to enforce laws. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the country. It consists of 9 justices: one Chief Justiceand 8 Associate Justices. The President appointsthe justices,but the Senate must approve them. The justices are appointed for life. The Supreme Court makes sure that people obey the laws. The Supreme Court can also decide if a law is constitutional, that it is in agreement with the Constitution. The judicial branch works together with the legislative and executive branches to protect the Constitution and the rights of people.


New vocabulary:

the legislative branch of the government– законодательная власть

to represent – представлять

the House of Representatives – Палата представителей

the Senate – Сенат

to elect, election – избирать, выборы

to make laws – создавать законы

to enforce a law – проводить закон в жизнь

to obey a law – исполнять закон

to pass the law – провести закон

to veto a bill – наложить вето на законопроект

majority/minority – большинство/меньшинство

to declare war - объявить войну

1. Вместо точек вставьте, где требуются, артикли a, an или местоимения some, any:

1. I usually smoke … smoke cigarettes or … pipe. My father smokes… cigars. 2. Give me … match, please. 3. Are there … matches in that box? 4. Is there … bookshop in the street? I want to buy … books. 5. … watchmaker repairs … watches and … clocks. 6. There is … sofa and … armchairs in this room. 7. Did you buy … boots or … shoes? 8. Andrew is … accountant. He is … chief of the bookkeeping department of … large organization. 9. Mr.Ivanov is … architect; his two brothers are … engineers. 10. There are … books and … magazines on the table. 11. Which would you like: … apple or … orange? 12. Which would you like: … apples or … oranges? 13. Will you please give me … pen and … sheets of paper? 14. Is there … letters for me? 16. What … strange man! 17. What … interesting books!

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