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Exercise 1. Louise:It is a very hot summer and we are all in Geneva.


Louise:It is a very hot summer and we are all in Geneva.

It was a very hot summer and we were all in Geneva.

The Thompsons are our neighbours.

The Thompsons were our neighbours.


Louise: I am a secretary at the United Nations.

Mr. Thompson is a friend of my father.

Dick: Are the Phillips there?

Louise: No, they are not there.

Dick: Is George Thompson there?

Louise: Yes, he is. He is fifteen.

He is still at school.

Dick: Is he your boy-friend?

Louise: No, he is not. He is too young.

Dick: Are Ann and Mrs. Thompson your friends, too?

Louise: Yes. They are both very friendly.

Ann is my best friend.

She is twenty.

She is still a student.

Dick: How old are you? Are you twenty?

Louise: No, I am not twenty. I am twenty-one.


Exercise 2


Jane is not tired.buy a new dress

Sheila has got a lot ofclothes.go to bed early

Jane has not got to go to bed early.

Sheila has not got to buy a new dress.


1 Jane is not tired.buy any food this week

2 Sheila has got alot ofclothes.look for a flat

3 Harry has got alot of money.phone the restaurant

4 Mrs. Hunt has got a lot of food in the house.cash a cheque today

5 We have bought a house in the country. go to bed early

6You have already booked atable. buy a new dress

7 I have got six airletters. go to a snack-bar

8We have hired a car.phone them tonight

9 I have written to the Blakes.go to the post office yet

10 They have already had dinner inthe hotel.buy a car


Exercise 3


I have got a lot of clothes.last year/tomorrow/next week

I had a lot of clothes last year.

They are not having a picnic on the beach.next Tuesday/yesterday/tomorrow

They did not have a picnic on the beach yesterday.


1 He hes got a shop in Oxford Street.four years ago/next year/today

2 We are not having a cup of coffee tomorrow morning/yesterday

in the snack-bar.morning/ next Thursday

3 You have not got any money.two years ago/today/tomorrow

4You have got a reservation.this evening/today/yesterday evening

5 They have got a new house.last winter/next spring/now

6 I have not got any orange lipsticks.next week/last year/next autumn

7 He has not got my address.next summer/today/last month

8 We have got six blankets on the bed.last night/this evening/tomorrow morning

Exercise 4


May   go for aswim?
Can   have some biscuits?


May I go for a swim?

May we go for a swim ?

May Simon go for a swim?














Exercise 5


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