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Exercise 1


Has Simon sent a postcard to his mother?

Yes, he has sent her a postcard.

Have you made a sweater for Peter?

Yes, I have made him a sweater.


1 Have the boys bought a present for me?

2 Has Peter written a letter to you and your wife?

3 Have you brought a present for Maggie?

4 Have we sent a birthday card to your parents?

5 Have George and I written to you?

6 Has Sarah bought a record for you and me?

7 Have you and your wife made a cake for George and me?

8 Have I written a letter to his father?

Exercise 2


Visit, yet, already

Have you ... the Hunts' home ... ?

No, we have not... it... but we have......the Fentons' home.

Have you visited the Hunts' home yet?

No, we have not visited ityetbut we have already visited the Fentons' home.

See, yet, already

We have......London

but we have not... Scotland.... Have you ... Devon... ?


Finish, yet, already

Has he...the book ... ?

Yes, hehas......it

but hehas not...the newspaper....


Exercise 3


I am sending a postcard to my mother today. letter

I have not sent a letter to my mother yet.

She is writing a letter to her aunt tomorrow. postcard

She has not written a postcard to her aunt yet.


1They are receiving the parcels next week.letters

2 We are finishing school next month.college

3He is coming to see Mary this evening.us

4 I am seeing my parents this afternoon.brother

5 They are buying arecord this morning.record player

6 I am thinking about my party.holiday

7 You are eating lunch at one o'clock.breakfast

8 He ishaving some cake now.any ice-cream


Exercise 4


Wear, sit in

That's my sister's chair.

Don'tsit in that chair!

Would you sit in this chair, please?

That dress doesn't look nice.

Don't wear that dress.

Would you wear this dress, please?

Go to, eat in, sit in, buy, listen to, open, wear, drink.

1 That restaurant's bad.

2 That's awful music.

3 That's not your letter.

4 That perfume's too expensive.

5 That's George's lemonade.

6That post office is closed.


Exercise 5

Another, more, (a) few, (a) little


Who's having... piece of bread?

I'd like some... bread, please.

Who's having another piece of bread?

I'd like some more bread, please.


1 Who's having... piece of bread?

I'd like some ... bread, please.

Would you like a ... salad?

Yes, please and a ... potatoes.

2 Who wants... cake?

I'd like ... piece of cake, please.

Would you like... cup of tea?

Oh yes and can I have a... more ice-cream?

3I want to change ... traveller's cheque and I'd like to buy a... stamps.

I've written a... letters

and I want to write some... postcards.

Exercise 6


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