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Choose the right word and insert it in the proper form

Control Ц direct Ц manage

ControlЦ have a power to take all the important decisions

Manage Ц be responsible for organizing (a business, an organization, a system) and seeing that the right things are done

DirectЦ refers to a leadership or order

1. The Imam of Yemen was an absolute ruler. He Е the life of every subject. 2. In small business there are people who own the business and often Е it as well. 3. The President of the United states Е the nationТs foreign policy. 4. The Merchants Е the network of marketing and supplies. 5. Mrs. Hughes Е the 400 acre dairy farm with the help of five men. 6. They want Е their own lives themselves. 7. Who Е the film?


Doubt Ц suspect

DoubtЦ do not believe that sth is true or possible; lack of faith or trust

SuspectЦ a questioning uncertainty, especially when you are relying on your intuition.

1. Nobody Е his knowledge of countryside matters. 2. I Е he was already in New York. 3. I Е that many of them could barely read or write. 4. Jane never Е for a moment that her first child would be a son. 5. He felt so weak that he Е whether he would be able to walk to the bedroom. 6. He Е that no one had ever seen anything like that before.


Greet Ц salute Ц welcome

GreetЦ say СHelloТ or make a gesture with the same meaning

WelcomeЦ show that youТre glad to see sb, especially when people arrive.

Salute Ц make a formal sign of respect

1. A large uniformed police sergeant recognized him and at once Е . 2. She went down the steps Е Harry with a kiss on both cheeks. 3. As the king arrived he Е at the door by the prince. 4. СYes, sir,Т said Pitman, giving the major an exemplary Е . 5. The guests Е on arrival by the crowds of people. 6. СЕto Peking,Т the sign said.


Fill Ц satisfy

FillЦ suggest adequacy but no more

SatisfyЦ adequate response to a requirement, need or expectation, stressing its completeness.

1. The candidate Е all requirements for a degree. 2. She was hired Е a staff vacancy. 3. This is a film that can hardly Е the expectations of the people. 4. Despite excellent recommendations she didnТt Е our expectations. 5. He Е the post satisfactorily and performs the duties well.


Fight Ц battle

FightЦ suggests any struggle towards a goal, more general than СbattleТ

Battle Ц refers most strongly to a specific fight that may be part of a larger war or disaster

1. It was a desperate Е to win the tournament at all costs. 2. That Е produced the heaviest casualties of the war. 3. The Е broke out between two drunks but soon spread to the whole neighborhood. 4. They were caught in the storm and had Е with the winds and waves. 5. The dogs Е over a bone. 6. He Е his way toward his goal.


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