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He Has One Rabbit at Home

Teacher: "Who can tell me how much five and one make?" No answer.

Teacher: "Suppose I give you five rabbits and then another rabbit. How many rabbits would you have?" Pupil: "Seven."

Teacher: "Seven? How do you make that out?" Pupil: "I have one rabbit at home already."

Exercise VI. Read the following riddles to your fellow-students.

1. What word of three syllables contains twenty-six letters?

2. Which is the strongest day of the week?

3. Which month of the year is the shortest?

4. What is that was tomorrow and will be yesterday?

5. What musical instrument will you not believe?

6. Whose face needs no washing?

7. When is a mouth not mouth?

8. What can you see with your eyes shut?

9. When is it dangerous to have an arm?

10. What star is not seen in the sky?

Answers to the riddles:

1. ABC — Alphabet.

2. Sunday (because the rest are week-days), a pun: week/weak.

3. May

4. Today

5. A lyre; a pun: lyre — liar.

6. The face of the clock

7. When a box of sweets make it water.

8. A dream

9. When it is a fire-arm. 10. A film star.

Exercise VII. Read the, dialogue and act it out.

What Time Does the Plane Leave?

Rоbert: What's the time?

Emily: Ten past two, dear.

Robert: When does the plane leave?

Emily: Not until a quarter to four.

Robert: Why did we get here so early?

Emily: Because you said we must allow plenty of time for traffic jams and accidents.

Robert: Where's my briefcase? What have you done with my briefcase?

Emily: It's there, dear, between your feet.

Robert: Emily! Where are you going?

Emily: I'm going to ask that gentleman what they were announcing over the loudspeaker.

Robert: Which gentleman?

Emily: That man over there with all the packages.

Robert: Who is he?

Emily: I don't know. But he looked as though he was listening to the announcement... Yes, I was afraid so. The plane's delayed. It won't be leaving till five.

Robert: How did he manage to hear it if we didn't?

Emily: Because he was listening. You were talking too much to me.

Robert: What do you mean, I was talking too much?

Emily: Oh dear. Never mind.

Robert: What time is it now, Emily?


Model: ˋNonsense. ˎGood.

Восклицания и междометия, как правило, произносятся с нисходящим тоном: с низким нисходящим тоном, если говорящий хочет, чтобы они звучали весомо, эмфатически, и с высоким нисходящим тоном, если они произнесены менее весомо, более эмфатически и заинтересованнее. Например:

ˎSplendid. ˋSplendid.

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