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Model: ˎRead. 'Read the 'text aˎgain.

'Cheer ˏup. Conˏtinue.

Обычно команды, приказы, инструкции произносятся нисходящим тоном, а просьбы — восходящим. Например:

'Bring me a ˎchair. 'Bring me a ˏchair.

'Don't ˎcry. 'Don't ˏcry.

'Shut the ˎdoor. 'Shut the ˏdoor.

Exercise 1. Read the commands and requests. Observe the intonation they are pronounced with.

a). ˎGo. ˎTry. ˎStay. ˎWait. ˎWrite. ˎPhone. ˎHere. ˎStop it. ˎBring it.

b). 'Open the 'books at 'page ˎ30. Tran'scribe and in'tone the ˎsentences. 'Learn the 'text by ˎheart. 'Don't ˎlook at me. 'Speak ˎlouder. 'Don't 'make misˎtakes. 'Always co'rrect your miˎstakes. 'Let him 'speak ˎlouder. 'Ask ˎquestions. 'Read the ˎtext. 'Sit ˎdown. 'Take a ˎpen.

c) 'Write to her aˋgain then. 'Don't 'say anything at ˋall. 'Come as 'soon as you ˋcan. 'Let's 'go ˋhome. 'Don't 'go aˋway. 'Shut the ˋdoor.

d) Conˏtinue. 'Go ˏon. 'Go aˏhead. 'Don't ˏmention it. Be ˏcareful. Your ˏpassport, please. 'Hold it ˏcarefully. 'Don't 'take it too 'much to ˏheart. 'Cheer ˏup. 'Don't ˏworry. 'Don't be ˏlong. 'Let me ˏshow you. 'Give it to ˏMummy, Johnnie. 'Now 'don't 'stay 'too ˏlate. 'Do 'bring him 'round to ˏsee us. 'Pass me the ˏsalt, please. 'Work ˏhard. 'Don't be ˏsilly. 'Buy me a ˏnewspaper. 'Wait a ˏmoment. 'Let's 'try aˏgain. 'Open the ˏwindow. 'Have a ˏheart. 'Don't be aˏfraid.

Exercise 2. Ask your fellow students:

a) in a form of commands;

b) in a form of requests.

a) 1. to open the books at page 12. 2. to translate Text 5. 3. to underline all the verbs in the sentence. 4. to read the sentence aloud. 5. to correct the mistakes in the test. 6. to render Text 1. 7. to open the window. 8. not to look at you.

b) 1. to wait a moment. 2. to open the book. 3. to fetch some chalk. 4. to repeat reading rules. 5. to write a letter to his friend. 6. to go to the cinema. 7, to find a new pen. 8. to cheer, up. 9. not to ask many questions. 10. not to read aloud.

Exercise 3. Practise the dialogues and memorize them.

1. — Let's go to the theatre.

— Fine. Phone Ann and invite her too. Tell her to meet us at 6.

— Right. Shall I do it now?

— Don't be silly. Do it when you can.

2. — Will you tell me the way to Trafalgar Square?

— Certainly. Go down Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus. Turn to the left then.

— Thank you. Is there a bus?

— There's sure to be. Ask the policeman over there.

Exercise 4. Make up your own dialogues of the same kind.

Exercise 5. Play the game. Divide the group into two teams. The leader commands: "Turn your heads to the right." The rest of the students must fulfill his command. If they fail to do it, they will be out of game. The list of commands:

Turn your head to the left/to the right; Bend your body to the left/to the right; Forward; Hands up/down; Open/Close your eyes; Put your hands on your head; Right hand up; Left hand down; Touch your right ear, etc.

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