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Divan – sleeping


What a picture! Living room,

Which designed as comp game Doom.

Big divan, white fur on it.

And mob scene on rest. They sleep.

Now I count naked legs,

Shoes and glasses, how much there?

All mobiles are on the floor.

Windows (French) were used as door.

Their visit- cards in bath

With wax candles, someone’s pass.

My conjectures move to hall –

Yesterday we played paint- ball.

Ah, of course, we used to win.

Princess Royal now is Queen.

And tomorrow, Thank You, God.

Week- end, two days week- end start!





Each motion in this World has destination.

Direction, sense, its shape, its mind, its kind.

Each has drawbacks: has joy and indignation.

And everything is needed, live and die.


And, maybe Nature, Royal Mother Nature

Will show the way, where someone has to go.

Will show herself to every child- creature

By WINDS, by different winds. Where do our winds blow?


I must to switch on phone, I have to open door.

I must remember everything or nothing.

Not thinking over, but foresee, foreshow and more.

Not difficult for me, where do our winds blow?


The life, which trains us how to be ourselves.

And Love, which gives us more than life, we know.

And Mother- Nature, set her airlines, sails.

Strong winds are blowing. Where do our winds blow?


Now I say “our, we, to us, for us”.

What do I mean, when write down all these “ours”?

I mean, I hope, I’m sure, I want relax.

Deserve my happy years, lucky hours.


December 22, 2003


My White Japanese Curtain


March… Third of March, two thousands four…

White cover for my window, no cover for my door.


White Japanese, like velvet silk, it’s curtain.

White Japanese rideaux, and no one dirt it.


Enlightened room, enlightened soul, enlightened weather.

So fair sky, so fair morn, white fair desert.


I’d really wanna touch white shield of my protection

By brush and color, just to paint on it - reflection.


My Japanese three meters long protection.

White Japanese. No dots, no words, no question.




(The dialogue)



My only one, you are like mountains and plateaus of Grand Canyon.

Like cloudy rivers or Niagara waterfall.

You make me feel and you are only my song.

One of the best creatures in the World.


I wonder, ‘cause you are so perfect man.

As well as diamonds or sky ideal perfection.

The harmony, and second element…

You are like grand chef- d’oeuvre de Mother- Nature.





There’s no comparisons, you make me feel the same.

I look at you as well as at the ocean.

And feelings are so permanent and plain.

I think of you, it’s like a soul motion.


I found you, when I loose the sense of life.

I found you, and I got again forever.

You are my life, you are my love, my wife.

Please, love me, and don’t go away, no, never.



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