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Прочитайте текст. (При необходимости пользуйтесь словарем). The Problems of Young People


The Problems of Young People

There are many young people in our country. Teenagers are a group of young people of the age of thirteen – nineteen years old. I’m fifteen so I belong to that group. There are many problems, which are common for all young people. For example: how to spend free time, what to do after finishing school, how to deal with the classmates and parents. The problem number one is the problem of fathers and sons. All teens want to be independent, we don’t like when our parents try to rule every step of our life. Our parents don’t like our clothes and our music. They often try to treat us like small children. But if you really want to solve this problem you must try to understand each other.

Some teens begin smoking and drinking alcohol to show that they are grown-ups already. This will lead to poor health in future (especially for girls). I don’t like smoking (nobody smokes in our family) and I think you mustn’t do it to look like a cool guy. The most serious problem nowadays is taking drugs and AIDS (the disease when the body’s immune system is not working). I think that every teen must go into sports or have a hobby, and know that you are responsible for your life by yourself.

(Адаптировано с сайта: http://www.homeenglish.ru/topic_teen.htm)


3. Соедините слова из текста с их значениями:

Образец: 1g

1. аge a) здоровье
2. independent b) в наши дни
3. grown-ups c) независимый
4. health d) подросток
5. to rule e) взрослые
6. nowadays f) действительно
  g) возраст
  h) управлять


4. Заполните пропуски словами, соответствующими содержанию текста:

Образец: There are many problems, which are for all young people. - There are many problems, which are common for all young people.

1. You shouldn't take what doesn't … you.

2. It's wrong … animals as if they had no feelings.

3. Paul is directly … the efficient running of the office.

4. We only … companies which have a good credit record.

5. Most modern kings and queens … only in a formal way, without real power.


5. Сопоставьте следующие слова и их значения:

Образец: 1а

1. to rule a) to control
2. nowadays b) usual, the same for a lot of people
3. grown-up c) to be the property of someone
4. to belong to d) unusual
5. common e) at the present time
6. to solve f) to find an answer to (a problem)
  g) not modern
  h) a person who is an adult

6. Ответьте на вопросы:

1. What problems are common for all young people?

2. What is the number one problem?

3. How do parents try to treat teenagers?

4. What should teenagers and parents do to solve their problems?

5. Why do some teens begin smoking and drinking alcohol?

6. What is the most serious problem nowadays?

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