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Put the verbs in brackets in Future Perfect Tense.

1. Next year by the 3d of September American nation’s income (to arise).

2. All sectors of the American economy (to produce) almost 4.000 million dollars by the 5th October next year.

3. By 2010 about 119.55 million Americans (to be) in the labor force.

4. The average American work week (to be) 41 hours by the 2007.

5. By 2009 about 80% of all wage and salary earners (to be covered) by employment insurance.


4. Decide whether the following statements are true or false:

1. American people spend on buying goods and services now three times as much money as they used to do before 1980.

2. The public sector in America is larger than the private sector.

3. All the farmland in the USA is privately owned.

4. The number of people who work on farms is getting less every year.

5. More people in America have part-time jobs than full-time jobs.

6. More Americans are engaged in industry than in service industries.

7. The unemployment rate in the USA is lower in comparison with Britain.

8. The unemployed in the US receive a life-long compensation.

9. Free enterprise, free market and free trade are the basis of American economy.


5. Answer the following questions:

1. What system is the American economy?

2. When have nation’s income and productivity risen?

3. Is American economy private or state?

4. What is the orientation of the American industry?

5. What does American government provide for unemployment people?


You have come to the end of the module 1. You have read the texts about education and science, mediated upon the place of computer in your life, investigated ecological problems of nowadays, learnt about industrial development in the world and found out a lot of other things.


Now the final task: Choose any of the following topics and write an essay.

1. Higher Education in Ukraine.

2. Higher Education in Great Britain.

3. The History of the KPI.

4. Fundamental Sciences Today.

5. The Role of Science in Manufacture.

6. Science and Technique.

7. The Scientist, the Engineer, the Technologist - Essential Triangle in Technological and Industrial Progress.

8. Computer in our Life.

9. Development and Application of Electronic Equipment in Industry.

10. Automation in Steel-Making Manufacture.

11. Robots - Ideal Workers.

12. Application of Computers at the Plants.

13. Tomorrow's Factory.

14. Man and Environment.

15. Industrial Development and Ecological Problems.

16. Ecological Problems of Nowadays.

17. Modern Production is a Complicated Ecological-Economic System.

18. Metallurgical Plants of Ukraine.

19. Metallurgy in Great Britain.

20. Main Branches of the Ukrainian Industry.



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