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Read the following statements and decide if they are true (T) or false


1. The first black-and-white pictures were not of very high quality.

2. The TV production during World War II was of great importance.

3. Today people living in central parts of the country can watch only central TV programs.

4. A cable TV system uses wires for the transmission of television programs.

5. Digital TV is replaced by cable television.

6. It will be possible to watch several programs at the same time.

7. Hi-Vision is a new video system that makes a traditional picture.


4.7. Answer the questions to the text.


1. When did the first TV set appear?

2. Were people interested in the new invention? Why?

3. What distance were the first pictures transmitted?

4. Why was the TV production stopped in 1940?

5. What is the role of the artificial earth satellite?

6. What is cable television?

7. What is the functioning of digital television based on?

8. Have you ever video-recorded the TV program?

9. What did Japanese manufacturers develop?

10. What is the importance of HDTV?



4.8. Topics for discussion.

1. History of television.

2. The role of television in people’s life.

3. Your favourite TV programs.

4. Different kinds of television.



Text B

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