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Task 11. Read, translate the following text and compare the salaries with Russian customs officer.

Part II

The salary of a customs officers of different levels in the UK are:

· salaries at assistant officer grade start at 15, 720 pounds a year;

· officers earn between 20, 175 and 25, 710 pounds a year;

· salaries after promotion to higher officer grades are between 25, 248 and 38, 861 pounds a year.

You would also receive extra allowances for working unsocial hours. People working in London will receive a higher rate of pay.

As a full-time officer you would work 36 hours a week over five days. In a border protection role you would work shifts to cover 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Job sharing or part-time work may be available.

You would be based at airports and seaports. You would also travel to attend court when necessary.

Skills and knowledge that any customs officer need are:

· Good judgment;

· confident decision making ability;

· accuracy and attention to detail;

· the ability to work alone and also as part of a team;

· good listening and questioning skills;

· a tactful but assertive manner;

· honesty and fairness in applying rules.

Task 12. Read, translate the following text and mind the pronunciation of the names in bold.

Text 3

Immigration officer in the UK

Part I

Immigration officers check and monitor people who are arriving and leaving the country. They work at every point of entry into the UK, such as Dover, Gatwick and Heathrow.

As an immigration officer you would check the landing cards of non-British and non-European passengers, and find out why they are visiting and how long they intend to stay.

When a passenger meets the criteria for entry to the country you would check and endorse their passport and any work-related documents.

If you decide a person did not qualify to enter the country, your duties could include:

· interviewing the passenger for more information;

· arranging for them to go back to their point of departure;

· organizing a place in a holding area (for example, when a person is claiming asylum).

You might also be involved with:

· organizing surveillance;

· carrying out intelligence-based activities;

· visiting and interviewing people, who are suspected of having no right to remain in the UK.

You may not need any formal academic qualifications. However you are likely to be in competition with candidates educated to degree or A level standard.

To apply for immigration officer post you need to:

· be a UK national with no restrictions on your stay in the UK;

· have lived in the UK continuously for the last five years;

· pass security clearance (due to the nature of the work);

· be aged between 18 and 63;

· pass a medical examination.

You may have and advantage when applying if you also have some ability in a foreign language.

You will also be involved to an assessment centre you will be tested on your communication skills, judgment, conflict management skills and awareness of equal opportunities issues.

You may be able to start in the service as an assistant immigration officer and work towards achieving promotion to immigration officer through internal application.

Task 13. Read, translate the following text and mind the pronunciation of the following words (consult the dictionary if you need):

recruit_________ initial_________ receive________

techniques______ legislation______ policy_________

procedure_______ employer_______ external________

access__________ oversea________ executive_______

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