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Task 1. Make up your own sentences with the words from the word bank.

Task 2. Match the words and their explanation:

hijacking (n) 1) anything fired at, especially a round board

with circles on it, used in shooting practice

target (n) 2) the prisoners of terrorists

release (v) 3) a member of an unofficial fighting group

which attacks the enemy in small groups


secure (v) 4) to take control of a bus, train, ship or plane;

the people on the board then become


guerilla (n) 5) taking someone away unlawfully and often

by force in order to demand money or smth

else for his/her safe return

hostage (n) 6) to make safe

kidnapping (n) 7) to permit someone to go free

Step 2

Text work

Task 3. Read and translate the text.

Text 1

What is Terrorism?

Terrorism is the sustained, clandestine use of violence, including murder, kidnapping, hijacking, and bombings, to achieve a political purpose. In popular usage, however, as influenced by politicians and the media, “terrorism” is now increasingly used as a generic term for all kinds of political violence, especially as manifested in revolutionary and guerilla wars.

The deliberate killing of civilians to intimidate the civilian population or government is one of the worst features of modern terrorism. One important characteristic of modern terrorism is its quest for spectacular horror effects in order to attract media. Terrorism f today is internationally dimensioned. Terrorists can slip across national frontiers and are given support by a few countries. Prevention of domestic terrorism is ion general the problem of local law enforcement agencies or security forces.

Such countries as the USA, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Canada and Japan promised to deny terrorists suspects entry into their countries to bring about close cooperation between the police and security forces in their countries, to place severe restrictions on diplomatic missions suspected of being involved in terrorism and cooperate in a number of other ways.

Task 4. Find the English equivalents from the text for the following:

- длительный;

- угон транспортного средства с захватом заложников;

- нелегальный;

- партизанские войны;

- предосторожность;

- намеренный;

- общий;

- заложники;

- распространяться;

- зрелищный.

Task 5. Answer the following questions:

1) Why do terrorists take hostages?

2) Why do some governments always refuse to agree to terrorist demands?

3) Why is terrorism today internationally dimensioned?

Task 6. When you read a newspaper you never want to read all the articles and stories. Usually you check the headlines and just choose to read those articles which look interesting. Look at these three newspaper headlines:

SARS Measures at Customs

Customs Bust Smuggling Soviet Coins and Medals

Customs Foils Smuggling of 80, 000 Cigarettes Packs

Which headline do you think will have interest to you and why?

Task 7. Look at the following list of words. Translate them. They all come from the stories that go with the headlines. Which words do you think go with which headlines? Why?

1) cultural value passenger__________

2) arrival____________

3) require____________

4) detain____________

5) inscription___________

6) confiscate___________

7) brand______________

8) SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrom)________

Task 8. Match a line in A with a line in B:


a) If you size smth, you usually 1) marking a surface with smth written

(esp. some name)

b) an order is 2) take hold of eagerly and forcefully

c) to smuggle 3) to take goods from one country to

another illegally

d) inscription means 4) a serious disease of the lungs with

inflammation and difficulty in breathing

e) pneumonia 5) a system for calculating amount size,

weight, etc.

f) to expose to 6) to uncover, to leave unprotected

g) measure 7) a special honor award given for service,

bravery, etc.

Task 9. Read the article about an anti-drug raid in Hawaii, the USA. The events of the story are given not in chronological order. Read five jumbled paragraphs and restore the article. Find the following words and collocations in your dictionary. They will help you while reading this text:

law enforcement significant dismantle

“dirty money” suspect distribute

resident ten-fold increase squeeze

raid wrap black tar cocaine

investigation location

Text 2

For Mexican drug ring in Hawaii, aloha means goodbye…

A. Operation Pipeline took off on Thanksgiving weekend 2000, and law enforcement officials had already arrested 18 suspects – residents and Mexican nationals in the country illegally – and deported a number of them before the final raid on December 20, 2001.


B. In a dawn raid a few days before Christmas, Customs special agents in Hawaii hit 10 different locations, arresting 16 individuals suspected or smuggling and distributing black tar cocaine, and seizing significant amounts of “dirty money”, guns, and illegal narcotics – 20 pounds of black tar heroin wrapped in electrical tape, and squeezed in among yard plants in ordinary, everyday containers.


C. Operation Pipeline was over. It had been a 13-month investigation, a campaign that involved Customs, the FBI, the National Guard, the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. attorney, and all four county police departments. “We have totally dismantled the organization,” an official from Hawaii Police Department said. And that appears to have been no small feat.


D. About 20 pounds of heroin and the $160,000 seized during the raid represent only part of the $2 million worth of heroin the drug ring distributed during its four years of operation in Hawaii.


E. From 1997 to 2000, police statistics reported a ten-fold increase in the number of people arrested for heroin possession. Law enforcement officials across the Hawaii Islands say that heroin ad crystal methamphetamine have clearly overtaken cocaine and marijuana as the new “drugs of choice,” and that some users combine heroin and “ice” to counter the harsh reentry.

Task 10. What do the following numbers mentioned in the text refer to?

20 $2 mln 13 $160,000 18 10

Task 11. Fill in each space in the following sentences with a verb given in brackets in a suitable form:

1. If you (follow) the customs instructions and if you do not break any law, you (enjoy) your trip abroad.

2. If you (carry) goods for commercial purpose, go to the channel indicated by the red symbol.

3. If you (catch) with goods that are prohibited or restricted, or goods in excess of your Customs allowance, you (risk) heavy fines and possibly a prison sentence.

4. You could pass through the green channel only if you (not have) any goods to declare to Customs.

5. If you (carry) any commercial goods, or goods belonging to your employer, such as laptop computers, you must declare them in the Red Channel.

Task 12. Fill each space in the following text with the suitable verb from the box:

  working loaded seized discovered was arrested weighting alerted to appeal  


U.S. Customs Service inspectors … at the Otay Mesa port of entry on Friday evening … over three tons of marijuana from a tractor-trailer truck … with a cargo of furniture. The seizure was made at around 6 p.m. on July 19, after inspectors noticed that the driver … extremely nervous. During a secondary examination, a Customs narcotics detector dog … to the trailer and its load of sofas. Inspectors … a false front wall behind which were 2,125 wrapped packages of marijuana … 7,513 pounds and valued at $3,4 million. The 25-year-old driver … by U.S. Customs special agents and subsequently transported to the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

Step 3

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