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This article reveals the concept of «monitoring of student achievements», «monitoring implementation tools of student achievements», «practical work». Thus, monitoring of student achievements is systematic observation of the student achievements as well prediction and improvement of this state. One of the forms of the control and monitoring implementation tool of student achievements is practical work.

Practical work on geography lessons is a way of developing abilities and skills of students in performance of tasks technology with Atlas, contour maps, statistical data directories. Practical works help students to consolidate the theoretical material and induce them to compare objects of nature.

Have been described two groups of practical work. They are training and final.

During the execution of training practical work students master some method of academic work. For example, they learn to solve tasks by using different scales as well determine the geographic coordinates on a geographical map, geographic coordinates of the extreme points. They also learn to determine the length of the continent and build graphs of air temperature and so on.

Final practical work is usually carried out after a series of training practical work to test the skills and abilities of students and its future development. The content of the final work are largely descriptions or characteristics of geographic features, natural components, natural systems and so on.

One of the conditions for the use of practical work as a tool for monitoring the implementation of student achievements is to hold a "work on the bugs." after their execution During this "work" every student should understand the causes of his errors. For the purpose of monitoring student achievements is to identify specific student achievement in each separate subject and tracking their level of growth.

The content of practical work in the current program in geography for 5-9 grades of secondary schools and the geography program that will be implemented in the 2014/15 academic years is revealed.

Analysis of these two programs has shown that the new programs of work have a more practical focus, as evidenced by their names. Thus, according to the current curriculum in Grade 6 during the course "General Geography" students perform fourteen practical works and in 7th grade during the study course "The geography of continents and oceans they perform twelve practical works. According to the new curriculum in the 6th grade students are proposed to perform nine practical works and conduct three research studies in the form of presentations or writings (essays), mini-projects, posters, works on the ground. In 7th grade fifteen practical works and conducting of 10 studies are provided.

It has been revealed during the analysis of existing textbooks on geography for grades 6 and 7 that practical work in them placed under the rubric named "practical tasks" and "practical work". Their content is fully matches with the content of practical work specified by the current curriculum in geography. However, their amount corresponds in the textbook of Kobernika S. and R. Kovalenko only.

Thereby, practical work is an instrument of student achievements monitoring. After all, by using them the teacher can determine the level of academic achievements as well competence of students and based on data obtained one are able to intervene in the learning process to improve its quality.

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