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Exercise III. Translate the sentences into Ukrainian. Give your reasons for the choice of the indefinite pronoun (or cardi­nal numeral) to express the lexical meaning of articles.

1. «AMr. Forsyte to see you, sir». (J. Galsworthy) 2. «By the way, have you any spare clothes you could give the wife of apoor snipe? -. (Ibid.) 3. He was moving slowly on the Bond Street, when alittle light lady, coming from the backwater, and reading as she went, ran into him behind. (Ibid.) 4. Haviland looked at him for amoment and then hung up his hat and coat. (M.Wilson) 5. «I saw aMrs. Danvers on the twelfth floor at two o'clock», he said. (D. du Maurier) 6. There was awoman sitting before the fire. (K.Mansfield) 7. There lay ayoung man, fast asleep - sleeping so soundly, so deeply, that he was far, far away from them both. (Ibid.) 8. In a few minutes aman came in, and George explained that the cook was sick. (E. Hemingway) 9. «We're going to kill aSwede. Do you know abig Swede named Ole Anderson?» (Ibid.) 10. As he swung, head down, into Talgarth Street he was conscious, suddenly, of aman running. (A. Cronin) 11. «- not to be acquainted with aJamdyce is queer, ain't it, Miss Flite?» (C. Dickens). 12. Every old gang has aBilly in it. (S. Leacock) 13. «What afool Rawdon Grawley has been to go and marry a governess!» (W. Thackeray) 14. After apause Lord Henry pulled out his watch. (O. Wilde) 15. When all that is settled, I shall take aWest End theatre and bring her out properly. (O. Wilde) 16. A woman in a fluttering

shawl was creeping slowly by the ratlings, staggering as she went. (Ibid.) 17. At last he heard astep outside, and the door opened. (Ibid.) 18. When agovernment makes abad mistake of judgement, the electorate turns against it as soon as it feels the effect. (J. Galsworthy)

Exercise IV. Analyse the sentences below. Identify how the contextual meanings of the bold type articles are realized in Ukrainian (as an identifying pronoun, a relative adjective or any other semantically/contextually suitable word). Translate the sentences into Ukrainian.

1. Desperately he came to ahalt in front of one decent picture hanging on the walls. (A. Huxley) 2.1 honestly think if aperson's anartist nobody ought to have any feeling at all about meeting him. (D. Parker) 3. Life worried and bored him, and time was avexation. (J. London) 4. He is aman. (Ibid.) 5. He was over to San Francisco yesterday looking for aship. (Ibid.) 6. «What's that?» he replied to aquestion from Olney that broke in upon his train of thought. (Ibid.) 7. «Yes, she is apeacock in everything but beauty», said Lord Henry. (O. Wilde) 8.1 have not laid eyes on him for aweek. (Ibid.) 9. They are always telling that it (America) is theParadise for women. (Ibid.) 10. Were people to gape at themystery of his life? (Ibid.) 11. «Aneternity», she tells me... (Ibid.) 12. There is hardly a single person in theHouse of Commons worth painting - . (Ibid.) 13.1 want to place her on a pedestal of gold, and to see theworld worship the woman who is mine. (Ibid.) 14. Then he discovered Henley and wrote aseries of sea-poems on the model of Hospital Sketches. (J. London) 15. For ageneration ... the Old Hundredth (night club) has maintained a solid front against all adversity. (F. Fitzgerald) 16. So when a young man at the office suggested that we take a house together in acommuting town, it sounded like agreat idea. (Ibid.) 17. «You can tell me thetruth without giving me any of that lip.»(W. Saroyan)

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