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Проанализируйте и переведите следующие предложения. 1. If budgetary reforms are ever to be achieved, the EU leaders will have to bind themselves to use qualified majority voting

1. If budgetary reforms are ever to be achieved, the EU leaders will
have to bind themselves to use qualified majority voting, not consensus,
for such matters.

2. In the year ahead the Danish premier will have to tread a careful
line, both in terms of domestic policy and in airing the campaign to join
the euro.

3. The probability that many more innocent people would also be exe­
cuted would have to be weighed against the benefits of deterrence.

4. Among his many roles, the Spanish politician has to play the
American to Europeans, and the European to Americans.

5. The free trade purists contend that various industries have to sink or
swim on their own and that providing relief through Japanese export re­
straints would provide an umbrella for higher American automobile
prices, which would hurt consumers and harm the battle against inflation.

6. Motorists will have to prove they have scrapped their car in an envi­
ronmentally friendly way to get an authorised Certificate of Destruction.

7. Most EU countries have yet to pass the domestic laws needed to
implement the directive, so it is difficult to say how it will work in practice.

8. « We see NATO as a bicycle that has to keep moving or else the
rider falls off, so there's a feeling that we need to be very forward-
leaning,» an American official said.

9. Schooling (in Egypt) was never entirely free at the best of times: a
parent had to pay a tiny entry fee, buy a school uniform, provide a bite of
food. What is disastrous now is the need for private tutoring.


10. Unless the Bill passes through all its stages in the Commons and
the Lords before the session ends it will have to be started all over again
in the new session in November.

11. The Chancellor of the Exchequer told Labour MPs on Tuesday
night that public spending will have to be cut to avoid a «tough Budget»
next year.

12. Most of the imported mobile phone sets operate on a wave-band
used by a number of authorized radio services in Britain and can cause
serious interference. When they cause interference they have to be traced
and their owners are prosecuted.

13. United Nations economists warn that something drastic has to be
or developing countries will be forced to reduce their rate of social
and economic expansion.

14. In larger communities — nations, states, provinces and cities —
there has to be a division of labour. Some persons have to make the im­
portant political decisions for the whole society, and specially trained
administrators and civil servants have to perform the tasks of manage­
ment and administration for society as a whole.

15. Diplomats said Canada and other nations eager to have the dead­
lock broken
had been outmanoeuvred by the United States.

16. The big problem is the difference between the fastest and slowest
vehicles on a stretch of highway. The safest thing safety researchers sug­
gest, is to have everyone driving at roughly the same speed.

17. The committee gave overwhelming approval to a separate resolu­
tion that would have the Assembly urge all states to take such separate
and collective action as is open to them in conformity with the Charter.

18. Any other activities of the world organization will be financed by
the whole membership only by their unanimous and active support. And
even in those rare cases it will be by having the Secretary-General solicit
voluntary contributions.

19. Using language heard frequently in the past from Iraq and Russia,
the French proposal said that this commission would have «its independ­
ence ensured
and its professionalism strengthened.»

20. If the speculative excesses of the last few years are finally wrung
out of the market — and they always are, sooner or later — it will take
time for investors to regain the kind of confidence that has everyone
of instant riches.

21. Few things are likelier to give free trade a bad name than to have it
with the foisting on consumers of potentially unsafe food.

22. In Piedmont, the regional government has been fighting an unsuc­
cessful battle against the central government in Rome in an attempt to
have the Piedmonese dialect taught in schools.

23. A university student who wrote his graduation paper in Sardinian
had it turned down.

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