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An official request/plead to all European patriots - Required administrative high priority tasks/objectives


Being a part of the European resistance movement involves participating in one of the 8 cultural conservative political fronts as a direct or indirect political activist. As long as you share some of our political views and indirectly or directly work to influence those around you, you are per definition a political activist. Most people are political activists without even knowing it. The 7 “accepted” political fronts are the fronts that operate within the boundaries of the law. They consist of first and foremost; working as a cultural conservative professor/teacher/lecturer at a university, working as a journalist/writer for conservative media companies or internet sites, working for an NGO (non-government organisation), working as a politician, working with intellectual tasks (analytical, literature etc) through essay writing, blogging and news commenting and finally being involved with street protesting (EDL – English Defence League). All the mentioned tasks constitute the legal and accepted aspects of “political resistance” against political correctness/cultural Marxism/Islamisation etc. Then we have the illegal 8th front – any involvement in the military (or armed) struggle.


If you think assisting the PCCTS, Knights Templar n any way will involve any military or violent actions, you are wrong. Working for the resistance movements in general almost always mean participating in legal resistance and will and should not in any way be associated to any armed resistance movement. Currently, 99,9% of individuals involved in the European resistance movements have never done anything illegal and will and should continue to operate within the law. Most individuals are not even aware of the fact that they are working indirectly for the European resistance movements when they work against the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regime.


Considering the fact that there are currently less than 100 individual Justiciar Knights spread all over Europe we hereby ask for assistance from our European brothers and sisters. On behalf of PCCTS, Knights Templar, we ask that any and all civilian sympathisers lend us their assistance with reaching the following objectives. A primary task should be to send out the truth (as described in the compendium 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence) which includes an “indirect invitation to join us in armed resistance. It is absolutely essential that people are presented with the truth ASAP before Europe is allowed to be further consumed by Islam and its facilitators. It will be up to each European if he or she decides to heed our calling or if he/she would like to wait until a later time. Keep in mind that only a small fraction (in phase 1) of resistance related work involves military objectives (less than 1%). More than 99% of resistance related work revolves around the 7 other non-violent fronts (everything from anti-Sharia blogging, essay writing to working for patriotic political parties or NGOs). A very important aspect of this non-military effort will involve indirect recruitment work for the armed European resistance movement. Our objective is to consolidate all good forces in Europe. We are growing every single day but we must do even more to increase the ongoing political momentum.



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