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Authentication process when acquiring nuclear/biological/chemical weapons from the enemies of our enemies

There might come a time when we, the PCCTS, Knights Templar will consider to use or even to work as a proxy for the enemies of our enemies. This might be an option if we feel that conventional approaches are fruitless or if the intelligence agencies/system protectors working for the Western European regimes successfully manage to neutralise our long term efforts to liberate our countries.


Under these circumstances, the PCCTS, Knights Templar will for the future consider working with the enemies of the EU/US hegemony such as Iran (South Korea is unlikely), al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab or the rest of the devout fractions of the Islamic Ummah with the intention for deployment of small nuclear, radiological, biological or chemical weapons in Western European capitals and other high priority locations. Justiciar Knights and other European Christian martyrs can avoid the scrutiny normally reserved for individuals of Arab descent and we can ensure successful deployment and detonation in the location of our choice.


Nevertheless, we cannot, under any circumstances, accept deployment of nuclear weapons for surface detonation above 0,2 kilotons as it would involve too many civilian casualties. However, smaller devices up to approximately 0,2 kilotons are ideal for annihilating concentrations of category A and B traitors (traitor HQs). This scenario will involve the destruction of up to 1-2 city blocks/HQs with high concentrations of traitors and therefore suits our purpose.


As for aerial detonations, we can accept more powerful devices for the purpose of deploying and detonating it in the atmosphere, with the intent to destroy the infrastructure of criminal Western European regimes through EMP damage. This can also be employed strategically, f example in the first phase of a coup in order to paralyse the defensive forces of the regime (atmospheric EMP blast will paralyze a big portion of communication in any capital city).


The obvious challenge is the fact that the Islamic Ummah, aka “International Islamic Front for Jihad against Jews and Crusaders” and PCCTS, Knights Templar (representing the International Crusader front against Jihadi imperialism) have conflicting goals. Not only are we arch enemies in a war which stretches back 1400 years to the day when the warlord, Muhammad’s, forces first started to massacre Jews and Christians in the western Jihadi front. They wish to conquer all Christian European lands and forcefully convert us while we wish to deport all Muslims from Christian territory and isolate them. Regardless of these obvious conflicts, they should understand that we are not imperialists in contrary to the US/EU globalists who seek to maintain the Islamic puppet regimes and force the European way on them. The Islamic Ummah should view our enemies; the US/EU globalists, as a greater threat than we would ever aspire to be. The reason is that we do not wish to destroy Islam but simply to isolate it primarily outside Europe.


Assuming we will ever seek common ground, which is unlikely at best, the problem will be the authentication process. How can the Ummah, the enemy of our enemy, know they are really dealing with a Justiciar Knight and not a CIA or EU agent? How can it be proved that the individual seeking to become a proxy for the deployment of nuclear/radiological/biological/chemical weapon(s) isn’t an undercover agent working for the US or a Western European country’s intelligence?


The difference between an agent and a Justiciar Knight is that the latter will be willing to make a great sacrifice for the purpose of proper validation. Now what kind of sacrifice would be great enough to remove all doubt that the candidate is not a EU/US agent? A Justiciar Knight is willing to martyr himself for the cause while a EU/US agent will not be willing to sacrifice much. The entity should demand that the alleged Justiciar Knight in question surgically remove his penis and testicles and/or execute a fixed number of civilian children. While this requirement seems morbid, absurd and unreasonable, it is perhaps the most effective method of confirming the intentions of an individual. Because why would one of the sides part with a powerful weapon which worth exceeds perhaps 100 million Euros? The party would need to make 100% sure that the proxy is trustworthy. A government agent could and would never accept these terms to maintain his cover, but a true Justiciar Knight would willingly sacrifice everything for the cause, including committing smaller atrocities as long as it served the greater good of our cause. He would also be willing to part with these body parts in order to confirm his intent in this validation process. In any case, the entity would have to provide a surgical team to safely complete the operation without risk of loss of life for the Justiciar Knight.


End note: a CIA/EU intelligence agent with a lethal/terminal disease/virus/cancer might be willing to agree to this sacrifice. Therefore, the party has to complete a full medical examination to ensure that the candidate does not suffer from any lethal, terminal condition. If the candidate suffers from a potentially lethal condition he should not be trusted as it is likely that he is an agent working for the US/EU hegemony. Furthermore, the candidate has to provide documentation that he has the professional capabilities required to employ an operation of that scale.


Obviously, the entity has to at least comprehend, if not accept, that the PCCTS, Knights Templar supports a foreign policy which includes the deportation of all Muslims from Europe, the liberation of Western and Eastern Anatolia and the areas north and south of Israel. If they can look past these factors, and all other circumstances are met, we will be willing to consider offering our services as proxies with the intent to deploy these weapons on targets of our choosing.


As previously noted, the PCCTS, Knights Templar do not intend to persecute devout Muslims or enslave them under puppet leaders in their own Islamic countries like today’s EU/US leaders are doing. Our only intention is to partly isolate the future European Federation. We do not necessarily oppose the creation of a caliphate lead by devout Muslims in the Middle East. And we do not support the current EU/US hegemony’s policy of maintaining the ongoing cultural and financial imperialism which involve maintaining the corrupt pro-Western puppet regimes in Islamic countries.


The option of cooperating with the Ummah seems unlikely today, as we haven’t reached a stage where we are desperate enough, but may be a viable option within a couple of decades based on several factors. Until then, it is our responsibility to always search for or contribute to create windows of opportunities. Our enemies, the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist criminal regimes of Western Europe have more enemies than we can imagine. The greatest disadvantage of the Conservative European Resistance movement, including PCCTS, Knights Templar is that we lack safe havens; we lack territory where we can gather components, develop and build powerful weapons. The greatest disadvantage of the Ummah however is to safely smuggle and deploy their weapons into and on European territory, as they lack “invisible proxies” able to avoid scrutiny. As such, our advantages vs. disadvantages fulfil each other. We owe it to ourselves to consider all possibilities.

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