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Why the discipline of Sociology must be completely removed from Academia


Marx is considered to be the greatest contributor to the science of sociology primarily due to his analysis of capitalist societies and the various alleged injustices and economic failures that they produce, and suggested socialist remedies. The discipline of sociology appeals to Marxists and bleeding heart liberals who would rather blame others for their problems than take personal ownership of these problems.


The sociology discipline is described as the revolutionary “tools for change” by Marxist intellectuals as it contributes to institutionalise cultural Marxism/multiculturalism. Modern sociology provides an examination of the pivotal theories of Marx, Durkheim, Weber and Comte, the authors that have decisively shaped the discipline.


Students of sociology are taught how the public apparatus may be used (by deliberately manipulating statistics, and rejecting all aspects of biology) to portray and propagate a Marxist world view. Any and all faculties of sociology in the European world (US/Europe) are therefore in many ways Marxist indoctrination camps where the students learn how to infiltrate public institutions and covertly contribute to change the character of society by presenting falsified reports and statistics.


Sociology is fundamentally anti capitalist and anti traditionalist (anti-nationalist, -patriarchal, - Christendom) and as such; anti-European by design. Furthermore, a large percentage (90%+) of sociologists refuse to acknowledge biology as relevant and instead proclaim that environment is the cause of all human behaviour.


In order to defeat one of the most devastating academic weapons of the cultural Marxists/multiculturalists, we must destroy/ban the discipline of sociology completely.


Sociology students are indoctrinated by learning (from a Marxist point of view) what is wrong in the world. As such, they are transformed into academic Marxist revolutionaries.


So why did the conservative post-WW2 European elites allow the discipline of sociology to exist and its propagators to operate freely at our universities?


The European elites at the time, underestimated the discipline as it could not directly affect the “important aspects/sectors” of society (according to their definition); defence (police/military), law and finance. Needless to say, this was a critical mistake because the discipline of Marxist sociology would later prove to significantly contribute to shape the cultural/social structures of our societies which lead to the 68 cultural Marxist revolts in the European world.


Apologists of sociology have successfully prevented the removal of the discipline using the following arguments:


Sociology aims to explain what is, not what could be. The students learn about everything that is wrong in the world (from a Marxist narrative) but NOT “specifically” how to change it. However, as we all know the students indirectly learn how to change our societies as they study other aspects of Marxism.


Imagine the following; the sociology students learned about what is wrong in the world from a Nazi narrative, that the Jew is the root of all evil. Wouldn’t that have lead them to draw their own conclusions based on the self study of Nazi intellectual works (that the Jew had to be killed)? Of course it would. Regardless of which ideological narrative is chosen, the student will be brainwashed in that particular ideological direction.


The Marxist (cultural Marxist) revolutionary disciplines (disciplines of the Frankfurt school) are not limited to sociology, however; philosophy and journalism are highly affected by the same level of Marxist indoctrination. Their academic weapons are to deliberate spread their falsified and corrupted Marxist world view through statistics, reports and articles with the aim to glorify the Marxist/multiculturalist world view and to effectively undermine nationalistic/conservative/capitalist thought. These individuals must not be underestimated as they are usually very influential in society (which is the reason why 95% of them are categorised as category B traitors).


(Related professions: psychologists and social workers)



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