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Контрольная работа 4

Вариант 1


1. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на перевод герундия.

A. John Dalton stated that atoms are incapable of being destroyed or created.

B. One of the ways of producing tremendous energy is imitating on the Earth the process that makes the Sun shine.

C. After the young scientist's report having been discussed at the conference it was published in a scientific journal.

D. While heavy atoms can be made to release energy by splitting, light atoms, such as hydrogen, can yield energy by being fused together.

E. Conducting heat and electricity is the property of most metals. Their being good conductors of heat and electricity made them widely used in industry.

Переведите предложения. Обратите особое внимание на перевод усилительной конструкции.

A. It is the Sun and the sunlike stars that have provided the key to the energy conversion that can be obtained with a hydrogen plasma.

B. It is atomic electricity that will be the electricity of tomorrow.


А) определите форму причастия в предложении; б) предложения переведите.

A. Being used in measuring the diffusion of metals isotopes gave much more accurate data.

B. Having used a laser beam scientists obtained accurate calculations of Jupiter's temperature – minus 150°F.

C. When sent to the Moon in 1962 an intensive red beam illuminated a section of the Moon only two miles in diameter.

D. The beam travelled 800,000 km in space, its velocity approaching that of light.


А) оОпределите форму инфинитива в предложении; б) предложения переведите.

A. To make computers work fast and correctly is a very significant task.

B. A problem to be solved by a digital computer must be expressed in mathematical terms.

C. The changes in air temperature prove to have affected the operation of the computer. It yields wrong information.

D. Scientists found beta-rays to consist of negative particles.

E. Today scientists are conducting space research in order to study the Earth's space environment and our solar system.

F. Cosmic rays are intense enough to penetrate to the bottom of lakes 1,700 feet deep.

G. F = т × a is one of the equations to be used when we want to calculate changes in speed.

H. Every ton of ordinary water is said to contain about 40 grams of deuterium. At first sight this may seem to be insignificant, however, it should be remembered that the power generating capacity of one gram of deuterium is equal to ten tons of oil.

I. It was for our engineer to decide what kind of computer to utilize for such calculations.


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