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Упражнение 91

Поставьте следующие предложения во множе­ственное число.

1. This is my stocking. 2. He has a new suit. 3. This metal is very hard. 4. That ship is a Russian one. 5. I heard her voice. 6. His dog does not like

bread. 7. The plate was on the table. 8. This town isn't very large. 9. I was talking to her at the tram stop yesterday. 10. Is that girl your sister? 11.1 shall give you my book. 12. This story will be a good one. 13. Is this a good match? 14. The boy put his book on the desk. 15. She took off her hat. 16. That house is new. 17. The young man put his hand in his pocket. 18. Is this student coming with us, too? 19. The woman didn't say anything. 20. Does she speak English? 21. The police officer has caught the thief. 22. He is holding the child hostige.

Упражнение 92

Поставьте следующие предложения во множе­ственное число.

1. It's a very difficult question to answer. 2.1 think I'll have that cake on the right. 3. Look at that pumpkin! It's the biggest one I've seen this year. 4. Is this your scarf? 5. That was a cookie jar. 6. What is that child's name? 7. The cat has caught a mouse. 8. There was a lady, a gentleman, a boy, and a girl in the room. 9. In the farmyard we could see an ox, a sheep, a cow, and a goose. 10. Is this worker an Englishman or a German? — He is a Frenchman. 11. Why don't you eat this potato? 12. This strawberry is still green. 13. The withered leaf has fallen to the ground. 14. Can you see a bird in that tree? 15. Does your tooth still ache? 16. I held up my foot to the fire to warm it. 17. His child stud­ies very well. 18. This man works at our office. 19. There is a new house in our street. 20. This story is very interesting. 21. I have hurt my foot. 22. The wolf has been shot. 23. He keeps his toy in a box. 24. Put this knife on that table.




Упражнение 93

Поставьте следующие предложения во множе­ственное число.

1. This is a bird. 2. Is that also a bird? — No, it isn't. That is a cat. 3. Is that a good horse? — Yes, it is. 4. Is that cow big or small? — It is big. 5. This is an apple and that is a flower. 6. Where is the coin? — It is in the box. 7. What colour is the box? — It is green. 8. What is it made of? — It is made of wood. 9. What is that man? — He is a clerk. 10. Is he in the office? — Yes, he is. 11. Is that woman a typist? — No, she isn't. — What is she? — She is a doctor. 12. Is his brother at home? — Yes, he is. 13. This house has a balcony looking out on the street. 14. The architecture of this building is quite modern. 15. This is a new district of St. Petersburg. 16. There is a shop, a cinema and a theatre in the new district. 17. He is a retired worker. 18. I am a doctor. 19. We hear the sounds of a child's voice. 20. She is a nice girl.

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