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Endings. Complete Table 5



1.It studies culture as a* a)* pottery, vine – breading, silk-

painting, wood- painting, doll-



2. The subjects are supposed to b)* and cultural heritage for

give them * future generations .


3. Culture is a subject of research c)* cultures shouldn’t be

of many sciences * destructive.


4. Not much is known about * d)* idea in their minds .


5. He keeps safe historical * e)* history, philosophy, archeology,

sociology, linguistics.

6. Priority should be given to * f)* complicated, versatile system.


7. The characteristic feature of the g)* its structure, function and tendencies

present is not only an active in modern society.

polilogue *


8. In the range of research of h)* a deeper insight into the nature

culturology is culture * of arts.


9. It’s highly important that the i)* culturology for most people.

diversity of *


10. No wonder, culturology asserts j)* a process of accumulation of

itself humanitarian knowledge of culture.


11. They acquire practical skills k)* the formation of a new world’s

clay-modelling modeling, order.


12. The general idea of the science is l)* were favourite activities

to study the grounds* of mine in the childhood.


13. Drawing, painting, making m)* of different cultures but a

something with my hands creativeinteraction, their

assimilation and integration.


14. It evokes rather a vague * n)* which determined the

formation of the world


15. The historical path of the o)* as a science only in the 20th

formation of culturology century

conceptions doesn’t mean *


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