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Assignment 1.Use the verbs in brackets in the proper present tense form

Richard Branson (to become) famous as a ‘hippy’ businessman since he set up a record company in the 1960s. He constantly (to break) many of traditional rules of management. Today he (to run) many successful business projects. How he (to achieve) these results?

Richard regularly (to work) an eleven-hour day. He (to spend) a lot of time talking to people on the telephone and never (to send) memos. He rarely (to hold) meetings; he (to prefer) to make decisions on the phone or on the tennis court. He (to employ) people he (to like) personally. This (to be) more important to him than qualifications. He (to have) several business failures lately. He nearly (to go) bankrupt but he (to survive) and now (to be) one of the most successful businessmen in Great Britain. He (to put) his success to good ideas, good people and good luck.


Assignment 2.Use the verbs in brackets in the proper past tense form.

Yesterday we (have) a meeting where all the staff of our accounting department (be) present. The manager (tell) us that the audit (complete) already. He (read) the final document which he (receive) the other day.

In the scope paragraph the auditors (enlist) the documents that they (examine) and the standards that they (use) in their examination. Of course, the most important for us (be) the opinion paragraph in which they (evaluate) our activity. There the auditors (state) that they (discover) several irregularities in our accounting records. They (point) out that these errors (lead) to serious mistakes in the Income Statement for the last quarter. They (propose) to use a more reliable modern accounting system to avoid such mistakes in the future.


Assignment 3. Use the proper means of expressing the future action.

Next week I (to go) to start working on my research project. On Monday as soon as I (to come) home from the Institute I (to go) to the central library. There I (to ask) the librarian to help me with the literature I (to need) for my project. I think I (to study) the materials for a week or so. I am sure I (to have) to use Internet as a source of valuable information. Then I (to plan) to classify the notes that (to make) by that time. I suppose it (to take) me another couple of days. When everything (to be) ready I (to start) writing my report. I hope the report (to finish) by March, 20th. My scientific adviser (to check) it. After he (to look) through my paper I (to have) time to correct mistakes if any. I (to go) to present my project at the annual students’ conference in April.


Assignment 4. Read and translate the following text.

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