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  Word Explanatory note
  active doing a lot of things; always busy - активний
  energetic full of energy - енергійний
  lively full of life and energy - сповнений життя; веселий
  dynamic full of energy and ideas; a powerful personality - динамічний; енергійний
  sociable, outgoing friendly; enjoying the company of other people - товариський; компанійський
  talkative liking or willing to talk - балакучий
  decisive able to make decisions quickly - рішучий
  an extrovert sociable person who finds it easy to talk to people and likes to attract attention - комунікабельний; той, який любить бути в центрі уваги
  careful taking care to avoid mistakes, danger - обережний
  cautious very careful; not wanting to act quickly - обачний; передбачливий
  wary very cautious because he is not sure about smth. - насторожений; обачний
  efficient working well and quickly - знаючий; спритний
  competent able to do a job well - компетентний; досвідчений
  particular not easily satisfied; choosing very carefully - старанний; акуратний, (as a noun - близький приятель)
    fussy very particular - метушливий
    conservative not wanting to do or try anything new — консервативний; поміркований
  honest able to be trusted - чесний
  trustworthy able to be trusted - надійний; той, якому можна довірити
  reliable able to be relied on - певний; надійний
  sincere believing or meaning what you say - щирий
  genuine sincere - справжній; щирий
  frank honest and open in expressing one's real thoughts - відвертий; відкритий
  direct honest and going straight to the point without hesitation - прямий;
  blunt speaking directly, without trying to be polite - різкий
  considerate kind; thoughtful - тактовний; делікатний
  sympathetic (to) kind and understanding the feelings and problems of other people - співчутливий
  generous (to) happy to give money, help - щедрий
  polite (to) having good manners and consideration for other people - ввічливий
  well-mannered polite - вихований; ґречний
  pleasant friendly and polite - привітний
  civil polite, without being friendly - коректний
  tactful careful not to upset someone - тактовний
  diplomatic showing skill in dealing with people - дипломатичний; тактовний
  modest not wanting to be admired - скромний
  confident sure of himself and his abilities - впевнений у собі
  bossy fond of giving other people orders (not being a boss) - той, що верховодить
  persistent continuing to do smth. inspite of difficulty - напористий
  tolerant able to accept or allow the opinions of other people even if one doesn't agree - толерантний
  patient able to wait for smth. without becoming annoyed – терпеливий
  easygoing not easily worried or annoyed and thus tolerant – безтурботний; доб­родушно-веселий
  open-minded willing to listen to new ideas - неупереджений; з широким сві­тоглядом
  Word Explanatory note
  lazy disliking activity - ледачий; лінивий
  A pathetic having no desire to change a bad situation - байдужий
quiet not saying very much - спокійний      
reserved not saying what he thinks or feels - потайливий; скритний      
an introvert who is more interested in his own thoughts and feelings than in the world around him - людина, зосереджена на своїх переживаннях      
to hang about/around to stay in a place doing nothing - байдикувати; вештатися      
careless not careful - необережний      
sloppy doing work in a careless way - неохайний; недбалий      
inefficient not efficient - неспритний; незнаючий      
incompetent not competent - некомпетентний; недосвідчений      
rash impulsive; doing foolish or dangerous things - нерозважливий; нерозсудливий      
dishonest not honest - нечесний      
untrustworthy not trustworthy - ненадійний      
unreliable not reliable - непевний; ненадійний      
insincere not sincere - несправжній (друг); нещирий      
two-faced saying one thing at one time or to one person and the opposite thing at another time - дволичний; лукавий      
cunning clever in using people and situations in order to get what he wants - хитрий      
inconsiderate thoughtless - нетактовний; неделікатний      
selfish caring only about himself- егоїстичний      
mean not generous - нещедрий; скнарий      
greedy always wanting more - ненажерливий; пожадливий      
rude (to) not polite (often intentionally) - грубий      
bad/ill-mannered having bad manners; impolite - погано вихований      
cheeky lacking respect and politeness - зухвалий; нахабний    
tactless without tact - нетактовний    
shy not confident; nervous in the company - сором 'язливий      
self-conscious feeling that everybody is looking at you - самовпевнений      
arrogant behaving as if you are better than everyone else - зарозумілий; гордовитий    
big-headed not modest - нескромний    
vain full of love for one's own appearance - самозакоханий      
smug too satisfied with oneself- самовдоволений      
pushy always demanding things from other people and trying to get them - напористий    
stubborn refusing to move, change one's mind - впертий    
pig-headed stubborn and very angry - впертий; тупий      
awkward difficult to deal with - той, з ким важко ладити      
petty small-minded - обмежений; недалекий      

2. Робота над граматичним матеріалом: Артикль. Означений та неозначений артикль. Вживання артиклів.

3. Виконання вправ з граматики.

Ex. 1. Fill in the articles where it’s necessary:

1. This is … girl. … girl is pretty. What … pretty girl! 2. These are … exercise-books. 3. We live in … Europe. 4. I want to go to… British Museum. 5. …Smiths go to … Paris twice … month. 6. There is … book on the… desk. 7. … sun is shining brightly in … blue sky. 8. My… uncle and his … aunt are … doctors.9. What … colour is your new… hat? – It’s .. red. 10. He has no … coffee in his… cup.

Ex. 2. Fill in the articles where it’s necessary.

1. … Thames is … short river. 2. … Ukraine is washed by … Black Sea in … south. 3. … Kiev is to … south of … Moscow.4. … Europe is … continent. 5. …Kiev is … capital of … Ukraine. 6. Is... Asia … island or … continent? 7. … best way to know and understand people of … other countries is to meet them in their … own homes. 8. There are … three rooms in… flat…. living room is … largest of all. 9. Let’s go to …shop. I must buy … bread and… milk.

4. Робота над текстом за професійним спрямуванням: текст “ Plastics”.

Many of us cannot imagine our life at present without plastics. But we cannot realize what a great part they play in raising our standard of living.

You cannot go through a single day without some association with plastics. Your toothbrush, the cap of your toothpaste tube, your comb, the handle of your table knife, your pen, the door knob… These are but few examples. Plastics are everywhere. No other material can be used as limitlessly as plastics. Very few materials are as durable and simple in production as plastics.

Plastics have become the raw material only since 1928. But during that short period of time furniture, footwear, building materials, textiles, etc. have been manufactured from plastics. Almost all plastics are produced from coal, air and water. But each material possesses different properties. Knowing the structure of plastics you can, for instance, produce from polyvinyl chloride a hard sheet of a soft film. Nylon is a non-conductor of electricity and that is very important in electrical industry.

Unlike metals, plastics require no finishing.

1. Виконання пілятекстових вправ.

Ex.1 Словник

to play a great part in smth. играть большую роль в чем-либо

raising one’s standard of living повышение чьего-либо уровня жизни

to be used limitlessly неограниченно использоваться

to be durable быть прочным

to be simple in production быть простым в производстве

to become the raw material стать сырьем

building materials строительные материалы

textiles текстиль, ткани

to be manufactured from smth. производиться из чего-либо

to be produced from smth. производиться из чего-либо

to possess different properties обладать различными свойствами

a non-conductor of electricity непроводник электричества

to require no finishing не требовать обработки

Ex. 2 Answer the questions:

  1. What part do plastics play in raising our standard of living?
  2. What are the properties of plastics?
  3. What is manufactured from plastics?
  4. What are the properties of different kinds of plastics?

Ex. 3. Translate into English:

  1. Пластмасса играет большую роль в повышении нашего уровня жизни.
  2. Использование пластмасс безгранично.
  3. Пластмасса прочна и проста в производстве.
  4. Различные виды пластмасс обладают различными свойствами.
  5. Пластмасса – хороший изолятор.
  6. Пластмасса не требует обработки.

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