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Read the text and decide whether the following statements are true or false.

A new survey out today seems to confirm some of our worst fears about what work is doing to our lives. The survey shows that people throughout the country are being made to put work before everything else.

It isn't a surprise to learn that people are working longer and longer hours, or that this is leading to greater stress and pressure on relationships and family life. Ambitious young professionals are having to make greater personal sacrifices than their parents or even their older brothers and sisters. A third of all the people who responded reported that they had lost an important relationship or that overwork had caused the breakdown of a marriage.

One of the greatest regrets was that people missed seeing their children grow up; it is quite common for male managers with young families to leave home before their children are awake, and to return after they have gone to bed. Many men admitted to being away on business trips when their children were born.

For women the situation is worse, as many say they have to wait for the right time and situation before having children. Even today, it is commonly accepted that many women's careers effectively end once they have family commitments. One in four men and 40% of women say they would happily accept a lower salary if this meant they had greater personal time and freedom. The survey results also show that, as many of us have already suspected, women are affected far more than men and that they have to make far greater personal sacrifices to achieve any career goals. Married women still complain that their husbands don't do enough at home. They feel that they are the ones who carry the main responsibility for housework, cooking, and bringing up the children.

1 The survey contains no real surprises. 2 People spend more time at work than they used to. 3 There appears to be a connection between short working hours and poor family relationships. 4 Earlier generations used to be under more pressure at work. 5 People would like to see more of their grown up children. 6 Some women do not continue their careers after they have children. 7 Fewer men than women would be prepared to accept a reduction in salary. 8 Work forces people to miss important family events. 9 Women still have to work harder than men to achieve equivalent goals. 10 Men seem to be sharing more of the responsibilities in the home.
3. Put the following phrases of the dialogue in the right order. a) Right. Good-bye. b) Good morning. AIC Computing. c) No, thank you. I’call later. d) Sorry, sir. Mr.Roberts is not available. Is there any message? e) Hello. May I speak to Mr. Roberts ? 4. Put the following parts of the letter in the right order. a) Dear Ms. Kaassen, b) Ultrasonic Ltd. Warwick House, Warwick St., London SW2 1JF United Kingdom c) Yours sincerely, Kay Reynolds Sales Manager d) Bredgade 51 DK 1110 Copenhagen K Denmark e) Thank you for your letter.  

Приложение №2

Complete the letter of application. Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple, present continuous, present perfect simple or continuous, or past simple. Choose the right variant.

Dear Sir/Madam

I (1) am writing to apply for the post of Trainee Marketing Assistant as advertised in the September edition of Marketing Now. I (2) believe that I (3) have the potential to provide your company with the skills it (4) needs in the future.

Currently, I (5) have completed my exams at University. I (6) have been studying for three years leading to a BA in Business Studies. In particular, I (7) find the marketing component of my course the most rewarding and this is why I (8) have decided to pursue marketing as a career.

As you will see from my CV, I (9) did a work placement in Germany last year. This placement (10) gave me the opportunity to put some theory on my course into practice. I also (11) acquired a good working knowledge of German. Since January of this year, I (12) have been working at a local restaurant to supplement my grant and this work (13) is developing my communications skills with the public.

My examinations (14) are finishing in ten days time and I would be available for an interview any time after that. I (15) am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely


(Needs, have completed, am writing, believe, have been studying, have, am looking, is developing, am looking, gave, did, are finishing, have decided, have been working, acquired)


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