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Task 1. Discuss on the given situation. (Time for preparation- 3 min., time for answering- 1 min.).

You had caught a cold, and came to the doctor. Tell what had happened to you. What symptoms had you had?

Task 2. Speak on the given topic “My favourite health resort”.(Time for preparation- 4 min., time for answering- 2 min.)

READING (10 min.)

Task 1. Read the text and translate the 2nd paragraph of the text. (Time for preparation-5 min., time for answering- 2 min.).

National clothes of Kazakh women

Headwear of Kazakh women, similar to many other nationalities, was also a kind of indicator of their marital status. Headwear of married women differed in different tribal groups, but girls' headwear was comparatively similar throughout the territory of Kazakhstan. Girls used to wear hats of two types: skull cap (Takiya) and a warm hat (Borik), decorated with otter, fox or beaver fur. A tuft of owl feather was often sewed to the top of takiya for decoration purposes, which also played a role of a talisman. Gimp, tassels, gold embroidery and even silver coins were also used for decoration.

Kazakh women's national bridal headwear Saukele, which is a high (70 cm) conical hat, is of particular importance. The most expensive of them were evaluated in a hundred selected horses. Saukele was a mandatory part of girl’s dowry, and was prepared long before the girls reached the age of marriage, together with a wedding gown, which was often made of expensive fabric, usually red coloured. Bride was supposed to wear a saukele during the wedding ceremony, then it was worn on holidays for some time after the marriage.

The most skilled craftsmen participated in saukele manufacturing: cutters, embroiderers, jewellers, who applied the moulding, embossing, stamping, etc. during the process of manufacturing. It took a year or even more to prepare one such saukele.

Task 2.Read and write a suitable heading to each paragraph. (Time for preparation- 2 min., time for answering- 1 min.).


WRITING(10 min.)

Task 1. Write an essay on the given situation (80 words). (Time for preparation- 8 min., timeforanswering- 2min.).

Imagine that you are a director of a Recruitment Agency. Some young people don’t’ know how to apply. Give them advice: “What type of person should be a candidate, who applies for a job


Card №4

LISTENING (10 min.)

Task 1. Listen to the text [T.4].–2.5 min. and give T(True) and F(False) answers (Time for preparation-5 min., time for answering- 1 min.).

  True False
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is in South America.    
Tobago is extremely small country.    
The most famous place in Trinidad is the Nylon Pool.    
Tobago is very beautiful.    
Tobago is known for tourism and its natural scenery.    

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