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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Bureau of Investigationis the police department in the US that is controlled by the central government, and is concerned with crimes in more than one state. [Compare CIA. The Central Intelligence Agency (the CIA) is the department of the US government that collects information about other countries, especially secretly.] The Federal Bureau of Investigation is the largest investigative agency of the United States federal government. Generally speaking, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is responsible for conducting investigations where a federal interest is concerned. In pursuance of its duties, the bureau gathers facts and reports the results of its investigations to the attorney general of the United States and his assistants in Washington, and to the United States attorneys' offices in the federal judicial districts of the nation. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a part of the Department of Justice, responsible and subordinate to the attorney general of the United States. The bureau, headquartered in Washington, has field offices in large cities throughout the United States. In addition, the FBI maintains liaison posts in several major foreign cities to facilitate the exchange of information with foreign agencies on matters relating to international crime and criminals. The head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, whose title is director, was appointed by the attorney general until 1968; thereafter, by law, he became subject to appointment by the president of the United States with the advice and consent of the Senate. The bureau has a large staff of employees, including between 6,000 and 7,000 special agents who perform the investigative work. These special agents, the majority of whom have 10 years or more of service with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, are usually required to have either a legal or an accounting education.

Police department - полицейское управление; investigative agency - следственный орган; conduct investigation - вести расследование, дознание; in pursuance - во исполнение; Attorney General - министр юстиции в США; district attorney - прокурор округа в США; окружной прокурор; judicial district - судебный округ; Department of Justice - министерство юстиции; subordinate / subject - подчиненный; to headquarter – иметь штаб-квартиру; field office - периферийное отделение; liaison post - пост по связям; facilitate - способствовать; thereafter - впоследствии; consent - согласие.

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